About Us

Welcome to official website of Union of Campus Journalists, University Of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria.

“Being the Fourth Estate of the realm, we are mindful of our mandate of effective, objective, accurate information dissemination, news reporting, constructive criticism and problem-solving.

we consider these terms of reference non-negotiable. Our mission is driven by core values such as objectivity, non-partisanship, accuracy, depth, perspective, balance, editorial independence, and fact-based journalism. ??️✍️


Our focus:  News reporting, investigative journalism, photojournalism, fact-checking, satires, op-eds etc.



Liberty Championed By The Pen


To be a foremost citadel of campus journalism that hold on to the ethical system of the profession and guarantees exceptional and professional operational services to all the entities for which journalism is ethically and practically responsible.

what we do

We cover both University and other events


We are the best press outlet on campus, known for our progressive credibility in transparent reporting and unhindered news and update on campus environ, in Nigeria and across the world.

Our Mission

We consider any space large enough to make impact, hence our resoluteness in ensuring the tenacity of journalism is enshrined in the university’s students’ community and beyond for the onerous responsibility of making enabling academic environment where accountability, justice, social, academic, and fundamental rights of the students, and the general populace welfarism are guaranteed.